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Leveraging AI in Digital Marketing: A Game-Changer for Businesses

Explore how AI is transforming digital marketing. Understand AI's role in personalization, analytics, and automating campaigns.


Maximizing ROI with Pay-Per-Click: A Comprehensive Marketing Guide

Discover key strategies to boost your PPC campaign's ROI. Learn to optimize bids, target effectively, and analyze data for success.


Local SEO: Strategies for Small Businesses


How to fully book your barbershop and stand out locally

In the competitive world of barbershops, standing out locally is essential. This tutorial will guide you through effective marketing strategies tailored for barbershops in Vancouver, ensuring your business thrives.


Clikr Marketing is a proud sponsor of Evo Summer Cinema

Clikr Marketing is excited to announce our sponsorship of the much-anticipated Evo Summer Cinema


Marketing for Law Offices and Lawyers: Strategies for Success

Effective marketing techniques tailored for law offices and lawyers, highlighting specific actions and the reasons behind their importance


Vancouver Framer Meetup Hosted by Clikr Marketing

Clikr Marketing is excited to host the first Vancouver Framer Meetup


Crafting User-Centric Web Experiences: Best Practices and Tips

Master the art of user-centric design. Get practical tips for creating engaging, intuitive websites that users love to visit.


Breaking Down Data Analytics: Turning Insights into Action

Unlock the power of data analytics in your marketing strategy. Learn to interpret data for actionable insights and improved outcomes.

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