Nirajan Manandhar



Nirajan Manandhar


I'm driven by the power of connection. Meeting new people, understanding their passions, and diving into the unique challenges they face – that's what inspires my work. My extensive background as a Salesforce consultant has equipped me with the expertise to craft custom solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries. I believe the best outcomes are achieved through collaboration and finding those tailored approaches that truly elevate a business.

When I step away from work, you'll find me embracing the serenity of the outdoors. I recharge through the challenge of a long hike, the exhilaration of a scenic bike ride, or the simple joy of spotting wildlife in its natural habitat. Nature provides me with balance and endless opportunities for discovery.

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Isabella Torres

Founder & CEO

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Ava Robinson

Social Media Engagement Specialist

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Steve Johnson

SEO and Analytics Manager

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Ryan Kim

Content Strategy Lead

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